How Deep Learning in Cyber Security Differs from “Next Gen” Solutions

Artificial intelligence has broken into the world of cyber security. But as new solutions emerge, their differences are becoming muddled. Machine learning, deep learning, neural networks — what makes each of these unique?

In this checklist, Deep Instinct, a CyVent certified partner, outlines how to tell the difference between a deep learning cyber security solution and a classic “Next Gen” solution. The checklist covers 9 important questions to ask, including:

What hardware is used for training the models?
What input data is fed to the models?
Does the algorithm use a linear or non-linear approach?

Deep learning uses the most advanced sub-set of Artificial Intelligence. Download the checklist to better understand deep learning as applied to cybersecurity and easily differentiate it from other A.I. tools.

Have questions about Deep Instinct’s deep learning cyber security solution? We’re available with expert advice to help you evaluate if their solution is the best fit for your environment. Reach out to one of our advisors.

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“The incorporation of unsupervised supervised, and deep learning puts Darktrace well ahead of the game.”
“Darktrace has reduced the mean time to detect intrusions by 40%.”Varl bindra, Head of Cyber Defense, Blackhawk Network
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